35mm Stills

Prints Signed by Joe
"There are times I'm so tired at the end of my night pushing the cart I close m eyes while I'm pushing a heavy load. From time to time.""It's a hard life. It can take a toll on you. I think things have to get better. Some days are better then others.""Hurry up and wait. That's what I seem to do often when I go to cash out the metal that I scrap.""I found a Rolex one time. I got $2000.00 for it. I can't understand why people throw away such things. I can't see what I'm writing, I have no glasses""Sometimes I'm not able to stop the cart as quick as I'd like. Im lucky I haven't run in a car or something.""I'm getting too old for this. I find myself having to rest more often than not. I can reflect on the day/night.""I brought in 562 lbs. of iron one time. It was the heaviest load I ever pushed in a cart. The cart broke a wheel on that trip. ""I pray often when I'm out scrapping. I ask the Lord for help and he's there all the time."
Random Stills

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