Free Screening – First Friday October 2nd!

There will be a free screening of “The Scrapper” along with some of my shorter work along with painter Shanna Waddell. The great Bruce James (premiere photographer) will show his documentary “God’s Critters,” which was shot in Fishtown.

Friday October 2, 2009

Circle of Hope

2007 Frankford Ave.

Philadelphia PA 19125


Just to give you an idea about when things are happening.

Screening 1 (6pm-7pm)
– God’s Critters, 9minĀ  (by Bruce James, shot in Fishtown)
– Charles and Guy, 9 min (Jon O)
– Quest, 10 min (Jon O
– The Scrapper, 32 min (Jon O
– Q&A 5 minutes

Live Music (730pm-750pm)
Artists from Everquest Studios featured in Quest (The Price and Chizz)

Screening 2 (8pm-9pm)
-same as screening 1

I hope you can make it. I spoke to Joe today and he thinks he will be able to make it as well.

By the way Joe is now scrapping with a partner…so there may be a new project in the works: “Scrapper and Scrapette” I’ll keep you posted.

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