Scrapper picked up for broadcast

Just found out that The Scrapper was picked up for broadcast for a program called Philadelphia Stories on MiND TV. Pretty cool. Will post about scheduling when I find out more news. I had to cut a few minutes for it to fit the 30 minute time slot and I also had to take out the swearing, but I’m glad that the piece will get more exposure.

Joe and I continue to shoot together. Things are happening, so there may be a sequel in the near future. Been shooting with the Canon 5D mark ii recently. It gives a great image, but for this verite style shooting it takes a lot of finesse. I ruin tons of shots applying my regular shooting method, but when the shots are good they are really good.


  1. Joe Cass

    Just watch your film on MIND. Very good. Leaves me caring about Joe and hoping for the best. Great filming/sequencing/editing. Well done.

  2. Marcello

    Hi Jon,
    I saw Scrapper Joe last night on Mind
    I really enjoyed the film and I’ve been checking out your other work…. very good stuff I’ll be following you here…
    Keep on Keepin on